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Metacrosalenia Currie, 1925, p. 55

Diagnostic Features
  • Apical disc hemicyclic; posterior genital plate U-shaped. Periproct lying along the anterior-posterior axis. One to three suranal plates incorporated into the anterior part of the disc.
  • Apical disc not raised above the corona; smooth and covered in fine granules.
  • Ambulacral straight, plating trigeminate adorally, unigeminate aborally. Ambulacral tubercles imperforate.
  • Single large tubercle on interambulacral plates; tubercles perforate and crenulate, surrounded by complete scrobicular circles on ambital and adapical plates.
Middle Jurassic (?Bathonian-Callovian) of Somalia and Lebanon.
Name gender feminine
Metacrosalenia pseudocidaroides Currie, 1925, by monotypy.
Species Included
  • M. pseudocidaroides Currie, 1925; Bathonian-Callovian of Somalia.
  • M. quadrimiliaris  Currie, 1925; Bathonian-Callovian of Somalia.
  • M. alloiteaui Zoeke, 19**; Bathonian of Lebanon.
Classification and/or Status

Calycina, stem group Salenioida

Monophyletic plesion.

Differs from Acrosalenia in having imperforate ambulacral tuberculation and simple plating adapically. Differs from Heterosalenia in having multiple suranal plates incorportated into the disc, and in having the periproct displaced towards the posterior interambulacrum, not towards ocular plate 1.

Currie, E. D. 1925. Jurassic and Eocene Echinoidea (Somaliland). Monographs of the Geological Department of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University, 1, 46-78.