The Echinoid Directory

Rhenechinus Dehm, 1953, p. 88

Diagnostic Features
  • Test large; shape unknown; plating apparently thin and imbricate.
  • Apical disc unknown.
  • Ambulacra narrow and straight; quadriserial with every second plate small and occluded from the perradial suture. Pore-pairs small and uniform, alternately displaced to left and right forming a biseries down the centre of each half ambulacrum.
  • Interambulacral zones broad and composed of a large number of small, polygonal plates forming semi-regular en chevron rows. Individual plates with small secondary tubercles or granules only.
  • Peristome small.
  • Lantern present, structure unknown.
  • Spines short, simple.
Middle Devonian (Eifel), Germany.
Name gender masculine
Rhenechinus hopstatteri Dehm, 1953, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoidea; Echinocystitidae.



Distinguished from Porechinus by its quadriserial ambulacral plating and more irregular array of interambulacral plates. Very close to Echinocystites, but in that taxon the interambulacral plates are more scale-like and more irregular in arrangement.

Dehm, R. 1953. Rhenechinus hopstatteri nov. gen., nov. sp., ein Seeigel aus dem rheinischen Unter-Devon. Notizblatt des Hessischen Landesamtes fur Bodenforschung zu Wiesbaden 81, 88-95, pl. 5.