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Neolampas A. Agassiz, 1869, p. 271

[=Notolampas Philip, 1964, p. 719, type species Notolampas flosculus Philip, 1963 ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, moderately inflated, ovoid, greatest width anterior of centre, with centrally depressed adoral surface and a truncatd posterior margin.
  • Apical system slightly anterior, monobasal, with three gonopores, no pore in left anterior genital plate. Gonopores show sexual dimorphism.
  • Ambulacra narrow, simple, nonpetaloid, with a row of very small single pores in each half ambulacrum aborally, pores slightly larger adorally.
  • Peristome anterior, longitudinaly ovate.
  • Periproct marginal to inframarginal, visible when viewed from the oral, transversely ovate, overhung by the posterior interambulacrum.
  • Phyllodes slightly developed, pores slightly widened, with few occluded pores.
  • Bourrelets slightly developed.
  • Buccal pores present.
  • Tubercles small, perforate and crenulate, evenly distributed.
Recent, Florida Straits, USA.
Name gender feminine
Neolampas rostellata A. Agassiz, 1869, p. 271; by original designation.
Species Included
  • N. rostellata A. Agassiz, 1869; Recent, Florida Straits, USA.
Classification and/or Status
Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Neolampadidae.

Neolampas is similar to Pisolampas in having a monobasal apical system with three gonopores (no gonopore in the left anterior genital plate), with one or two occluded pores in the adoral ambulacra. Neolampas can be distinguished from Pisolampas by the position of its periproct, being marginal to inframarginal, with an overhang of the posterior interambulacrum. Pisolampas has a supramarginal periproct, with a deep anal sulcus.

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