The Echinoid Directory

Milletia Duncan, 1889, p. 191

Diagnostic Features
  • Test elongate, moderately inflated, pointed posterior margin, with a flat adoral surface, depressed towards peristome.
  • Apical system monobasal with three genital pores, pore absent in left anterior genital plate.
  • Petals well developed, open, broad, equal, with broad poriferous zones.
  • Peristome anterior, pentagonal, longer than wide.
  • Periproct inframarginal.
  • Bourrelet development unknown.
  • Phyllodes single pored, with large outer series and a few pores in a short inner series.
  • Miocene, France.
Name gender feminine
Echinolampas elongatula [non elegantula Cotteau, in errore] Miller, 1854; by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Irregularia; Cassiduloida; Neolampadidae.

Subjective junior synonym of Pliolampas Pomel, 1888.


Kier (1962, p. 196) states that the type species of Milletia and Pliolampas are very similar, both having a pointed posterior margin, broad, equal petals, that have broad poriferous zones, and a longitudinal peristome. Milletia also has only three genital pores (pore absent in the left anterior genital plate), a feature typical in Pliolampas.

Cotteau\'s artist almost invariably showed double pores in the phyllodes, whether they were single or double pored. This is yet again true in this genus (Cotteau, 1883, pl. 4, fig. 8), with double pored phyllodes shown in the type species. Kier (1962. pp. 196-197) states that this is certainly a mistake by the artist, as the phyllodes are single pored.

The type species Milletia is so similar to P. vassalli (Wright, 1855) that it may in fact be an objective junior synonym. However, without knowing more details about the floscelle development we cannot be certain. Milletia is a subjective junior synonym of Pliolampas Pomel, 1888 as advocated by Kier (1962, p. 196).

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