The Echinoid Directory

Xenocidaris Schultze, 1866, p. 126

Diagnostic Features
  • Test unknown.
  • Spines nail-like with expanded, club-like end. Distal face domed and with small thorns.
Middle Devonian (Frasnian), Germany.
Name gender feminine
Xenocidaris clavigera Schultze, 1866, p. 126, by original designation.
Species Included
  • A number of nominal species have been erected based on shape of spines but which could simply represent variation around the test.
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Echinoida; ?Archaeocidaridae.

Monotypic; nomen dubium (possible subjective seniorsynonym of NortonechinusThomas, 1920). Xenocidaris cylindricaSchultze 1866, is probably not congeneric, the spines resembling those of certain species of Archaeocidaris orPermocidaris.


The spines are rather similar in form to those of Nortonechinus, being only a little more slender and less distally flattened. Should the test turn out to be identical in the two genera then they are best synonymized. As no test plates are known for Xenocidaris I prefer to retain the better known Nortonechinus and treat Xenocidaris as a nomen dubium.

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