The Echinoid Directory

Family Macropneustidae Lambert, 1895, p. 25


 Micrasterine spatangoids with:

  • apical disc ethmolytic; madreporic plate extending to rear of posterior ocular plates
  • petals long, parallel, open distally (no occluded plates at ends of petals); weakly depressed to flush
  • labral plate longitudinally elongate; extending to second or third ambulacral plate
  • sternal plates symmetrical
  • episternal plates quadrate, not strongly tapering to posterior; paired and forming posterior part of plastron
  • subanal fasciole present, crossing adorally through the middle of plates 5.b.3, 5.a.3.
  • peripetalous fasciole present, crossing anterior ambulacral plates 3a/b and ambulacral plates 8
Eocene to Recent; worldwide.