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Contributed by Andrew Smith, September 2011

Pyrinodia guerangeri Vadet, 2000 (?non Cotteau, 1862)

Distribution Bathonian, Middle Jurassic, Segrie, Sarthe, France
Classification and/or Status A species of Pygopyrina
Remarks This specimen was described under the name Pyrinodia guerangeri (Cotteau, 1862) by Vadet (2000).  On the basis of this specimen Vadet synonymized the two genera Pygopyrina Pomel, 1883, p. 54, and Pyrinodia Pomel, 1883, p. 53, selecting Pyrinodia as the senior synonym.  However, the identity of this specimen is open to question.The apical disc of the holotype of Desorella guerangeri was illustrated by Cotteau (1862) and is clearly shown as having complemental plates in its apical disc. The type species of Pygopyrina, P. icaunensis Cotteau, 1855, by contrast, has no complemental plates in its apical disc and the pairs of genital plates abut along the midline, as is the case in Vadet's specimen.

Until Cotteau's original material of the type species is rediscovered and its apical disc plating clarified it seems prudent to maintain Pomel's two genera as discrete.

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