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Infulaster Desor, 1858, p. 347 [ex. Hagenow MS]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test longer than wide, with pronounced apical peak in profile.
  • Sharp anterior sulcus runs from apex to peristome; largely vertical.
  • Apical disc elongate with four gonopores. Anterior genital plates fused.
  • Paired ambulacra flush, with small circumflexed pore-pairs; apetaloid.
  • Peristome circular and facing obliquely towards anterior groove.
  • Plastron uniserial, with two or three single plates following the labrum.
  • Plastron plating never disjunct.
  • Periproct supramarginal, on steeply sloping posterior face.
  • Enlarged primary tubercles in periapical region and bordering frontal groove.
  • Marginal fasciole present around posterior of test.
Upper Cretaceous (Turonian to Coniacian); western Europe.
Name gender masculine
Cardiaster hagenowi d\'Orbigny, 1853 (=Spatangus excentricus Woodward, 1833), by original designation.
Species Included
  • I. excentricus (Woodward, 1833); Upper Turonian to Coniacian, western Europe.
  • I. navicularis Dieni & Kroh, 2014; Coniacian, Sardinia.
  • I. praecursor Smith & Wright, 2003; Turonian, UK.
  • I. tuberculatus Valette, 1913; Turonian-Coniacian, western Europe.
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Cardiasteridae.

Paraphyletic, by exclusion of Hagenowia.


A detailed account of the group and its possible mode of life is given by Gale & Smith (1982). This taxon differs from Hagenowia in having a less pronounced and much less acute apical rostrum and a continuous rather than disjunct plastron. It is distinguished from Cardiaster by having a much more anterior apical disc and uniserial plating on the plastron; in Cardiaster the plates of the plastron may become uniserial, but with successive plates triangular and offset to left and right, whereas in Infulaster the first three plates are linearly arranged.

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