The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andreas Kroh, February 2010

Plesiosalenia Valette, 1906, p. 275

Diagnostic Features as for Perisalenia.
Distribution Middle to Late Jurassic (Bathonian to Kimmeridgian), England and France.
Name gender feminine
Type None designated. Originally included species: Acrosalenia berthelini Cotteau. Hemicidaris boloniensis Cotteau. Acrosalenia lycetti Wright. Acrosalenia pentagona Cotteau.
Classification and/or Status Calycina, Salenioida (stem group)

Subjective junior synonym of Perisalenia.
Remarks Established for acrosaleniids with bigemminate ambulacral plates aborally by Valette (1906), but rarely recognized later.

Valette, A. 1906. Etude sur la formule porifere d\'un certain nombre d\'echinides reguliers. Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de L\'Yonne, 59 (1905): 271-311.

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