The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andreas Kroh, February 2010

Family Heterocidaridae Mortensen, 1934, p. 165

Diagnosis Cidaroida with:
  • Two subequal primary tubercles on interambulacral plates.
Range Middle and Upper Jurassic (Aalenian to Oxfordian), Europe.
Type Heterocidaris Cotteau, 1860, p. 17.
Species Included monotypic.
Classification and/or Status Cidaroidea, Cidaroida.

Incertae sedis. 
Remarks This taxon remains poorly known as no well preserved test material has been seen.  It is unique amongst cidaroids in having two subequal tubercles on its interambulacral plates.  Tetracidaris is superficially similar but has four columns of interambulacral plates at the ambitus.

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