The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, November 2009

Caenopedina porphyrogigas Anderson 2009, p. 47

Diagnostic Features
  • Adults large, to at least 100 mm test diameter.
  • Brown spines, length in larger specimens no longer than test diameter.
  • Undifferentiated genital pores, lacking genital grooves.
  • Tubercles of apical system numerous and spread uniformly over plates excluding plate margins.
  • Areoles of interambulacral plate primary tubercles frequently not confluent.
  • Globiferous pedicellariae absent.
Distribution Recent. Temperate and sub-Antarctic areas of New Zealand and southeastern Australia at depths of 350–1200 m.
Type Holotype: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand NIWA 25889.
Classification and/or Status A species of Caenopedina
Remarks Described in admirable detail by Anderson (2009). 

Anderson, O. F. 2009. The giant purple pedinid - a new species of Caenopedina (Echinodermata: Echinoidea: Pedinidae) from New Zealand and Australia. Zootaxa 2007, 43-57.