The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, April 2008

Mecaster obliquetruncatus (Peron & Gauthier, 1880, p. 60)

[=Hemiaster oblique-truncatus Peron & Gauthier, 1880, p. 60, pl. 2, figs 5-9.]

Diagnostic Features Apical disc semiethmolytic (posterior ocular plates meet and are not separated by genital plate 2),  Apical disc distinctly anterior of centre.
Distribution Turonian, Algeria.
Classification and/or Status A species of Mecaster.
Remarks Cotteau, G., Peron, & Gauthier, V. 1880. Echinides fossiles de l'Algerie 6, Etage Turonien, 1-110. pls 1-8. G. Masson, Paris.