The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, May 2007

Corechinus Kongiel, 1936, p. 8

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small (25 mm in length) with convex upper surface and summit a little eccentric to the anterior; lower surface convex with rounded sides; frontal groove very deep
  • Apical disc with 4 gonopores
  • Anterior ambulacrum with small rounded por-pairs- very small
  • Paired ambulacra narrow, the anterior pair slightly arcuate, the posterior pair straight; pore-pairs slightly larger than in anterior ambulacrum
  • Interambulacral zones composed of large plates
  • Peristome oval at base of anterior sulcus in a marginal position
  • Periproct posterior
  • Fascioles unknown
Distribution Middle Siwak, Upper Cretaceous, Poland
Name gender masculine
Type Corechinus pulaviensis Kongiel, 1936, p. 8, by monotypy
Species Included Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status Holasteroid indet.
Remarks This taxon is based upon a single poorly preserved individual.  It has the holasteroid apical disc plating but little else is know about its plating.  Without restudy of the specimen it is impossible to compare meaningfully with other holasteroids. 

Kongiel erected this genus in 1936 but the specimen was illustrated in his 1935 paper.

Kongiel, R. 1935. Contribution a l'etude du "Siwak" dans les environs de Pulawy (plateau de Lublin).  Travaux de la Societe des Sciences et des Lettres de Wilno 9(19), 1-59, pls 4-11.

Kongiel, R. 1936. Sur quelques Echinides nouveaux du Cretace superieur des environs du Pulawy, Pologne.  Travaux des Institutes de Geologie et de Geographie de l'Universitr de Wilno 10(22), 1-12, pls 1-3.