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Contributed by Jenna Sullivan, April 2007

Clypeus rostratus Agassiz in Agassiz & Desor, 1847, p. 157

[[ =Clypeus altus M'Coy, 1854, p. 65]]

Diagnostic Features Clypeus species with limited petal development. Within petals, outer pore of each pore-pair shows limited elongation (under four times as wide as inner pore). Periproctal groove slit-like in posterior profile. (Barras, 2006, p. 97)
Distribution Toarcian, levesquei Zone, of Dorset; Bajocian, garantiana Zone, of Somerset. parkinsoni Zone of Dorset; Bajocian of Dorset and Somerset; Bathonian, discus Zone, of Dorset; Bathonian of Argovie, Switzerland.
Type Holotype: NMBA M9740. NHM E1881.
Classification and/or Status Species of Clypeus.
Remarks Commonly mislabelled as Clypeus altus, however M'Coy's C. altus was erected a year after L. Agassiz erected C. rostratus, and an examination of the types shows that they are clearly the same species. Differs from C. plotii and C. muelleri in the narrowness of the anal groove, and the narrowness of the poriferous zones within the petals. (Barras, 2006, p. 99)

Agassiz, L. and E. Desor. 1847. Catalogue raisonne des familles, des genres et des especes de la classe des Echinodermes. Annales des Sciences Naurelles, 3e ser., Zoologie, 7: 129-168.

Barras, C.G. 2006. British Jurassic Irregular Echinoides. Monograph of the Palaeontographical Society, London.