The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, December 2006

Anaulocidaris Zittel, 1879, p. 486

Diagnostic Features Spine based taxon: Spines with short neck and broad, flattened blade either vertical, inclined or more or less at right angles to the neck.
Distribution Middle Triassic (Anisian-Carnian), Europe.
Name gender feminine
Type Cidaris buchi Munster, 1843, by subsequent designation of Bather, 1909, p. 168.
Species Included
  • A. buchi Munster, 1843; Middle Triassic (Carnian), Europe.
  • A. testudo Bather, 1909; Carnian, Hungary.
Classification and/or Status Indeterminate
Remarks Bather, F. A. 1909. Triassic echinoderms of Bakony. Resultate der wissenschaftlichen Erforschung des Balatonsees 1(1), 1-286, pls 1-18.

Zittel K. A. von 1879. Handbuch der Palaeontologie 1(1):1-765.