The Echinoid Directory

Contributed by Andrew Smith, December 2006

Aplocidaris Lambert & Thiery, 1909, p. 31

Diagnostic Features
  • Test small, circular.
  • Ocular plate long and projecting
  • Ambulacra narrow, composed of oblique plates with pore-zones occupying most of the ambulacral width (no perradial zone of tubercles).
  • Interambulacral plates with single large tubercle.
  • Tuberculation unknown.
Distribution Upper Triassic (Norian), Montenegro.
Name gender feminine
Type Cidaris helenae Vinassa de Regny, 1903, p. 19, by monotypy.
Species Included Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status Nomen dubium.
Remarks Kier (1977) restudied the holotype and thought it  a specimen of either Mikrocidaris or  Megaporocidaris.  However, given its extremely poor state of preservation Kier treated this genus as a nomen dubium.

Kier, P. M. 1977. Triassic echinoids. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology 30, 1-88.

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