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Cibaster Pomel, 1883, p. 48

[?=Messaoudia Lambert, 1917, p. 4, type species Holaster pyriformis Peron & Gauthier, 1878 (non Desor, 1858) [= Holaster haydeni Peron & Gauthier, 1881] ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test ovate with faint frontal groove; weakly convex base and upper surface.
  • Apical disc subcentral with four gonopores.
  • All ambulacra with simple pore-pairs adapically; sub-petaloid. Pore-pairs in the frontal ambulacrum smaller and more oblique than those in paired ambulacra.
  • Plastron plating meridosternous with plating biserial behind sternal plate.
  • Peristome small and circular; facing downwards.
  • Periproct large and at top of short truncate posterior face.
  • Aboral tuberculation uniform and fine.
  • Marginal fasciole present around posterior and sides.
Upper Cretaceous (?Cenomanian, Santonian to Maastrichtian), Europe, North Africa.
Name gender masculine
Cardiaster bourgeoisanus d\'Orbigny, 1853, p. 129, by subsequent designation of Lambert, 1892, p. 96.
Species Included
  • C. bourgeoisanus (d\'Orbigny, 1853); Santonian, France.
  • C. nuciformis (Ernst, 1971); Santonian, UK and Germany.
  • C. leymeriei Cotteau 1887; Maastrichtian, Spain.
  • ?C. haydeni Peron & Gauthier, 1878; Cenomanian, Algeria.
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Meridosternata, Holasteridae.


Differs from the type species of Offaster only in having a flatter and more quadrate shape with the periproct much higher in posterior profile. The poorly known Messaoudia is identical in shape but apparently lacks a marginal fasciole. Differs from Holaster in having a more obsolete frontal groove and in possessing a marginal fasciole.

Pomel, A. 1883. Classification méthodique et genera des Échinides vivante et fossiles. Thèses présentées a la Faculté des Sciences de Paris pour obtenir le Grade de Docteur ès Sciences Naturelles, 503, 131 pp. Aldolphe Jourdan, Alger.