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Oolaster Laube, 1869, p. 451

Diagnostic Features
  • Test large and ovate with flat base and low, vaulted upper surface; no anterior sulcus.
  • Apical disc relatively large; details unknown.
  • All ambulacra flush, with small rounded pore-pairs adapically.
  • Plastron plating unknown from description.
  • Periproct inframarginal.
  • No enlarged primary tubercles aborally.
  • No fascioles.
Supposedly from the Eocene of Mattsee, Austria, but Lambert & Thiery (1920, p. 418) attribute it to the Campanian, noting that at this locality the Eocene is in direct contact with the Upper Cretaceous.
Name gender masculine
Oolaster mattseensis Laube, 1869, p. 455, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Monotypic.
Classification and/or Status

Holasteroida, Meridosternata, Echinocorythidae.

Subjective synonym of Echinocorys Leske.


Identical in all respects to certain Campanian forms of Echinocorys scutata (Leske). The only reason Laube did not consider it an Echinocorys was because of its young age. Given the occurrence of Upper Cretaceous immediately in contact with bedding near vertical, there must remain doubt as to the correct age assignment of this taxon (see above).

Laube, G. C. 1869 Ueber Oolaster, ein neues Echinoiden-Geschlecht aus den eocanen Ablagerungen von Mattsee in Oberosterreich. Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Geologie und Palaontologie 1869, 451-455.