The Echinoid Directory

Family unnamed (pedinopsids)

Diagnosis Clade of Echinacea with:
  • apical disc relatively small; hemicyclic to dicyclic. Periproct subcircular with smooth rim;
  • ambulacra trigeminate to polygeminate, with arbaciid style plate compounding; only one element in each compound plate expanded and extending from adradial to perradial suture and bearing primary tubercle; other elements are demiplates;
  • Primary tubercles minute; those of ambulacral and interambulacral zones similar in size; generally perforate and often crenulate, but small size and poor preservation;
  • Peristome relatively small; buccal notches distinct.
Range Cretaceous, Europe, North America, Middle East, North Africa.
Type Pedinopsis
Classification and/or Status Carinacea, stem group Echinacea,
Remarks Closely resembling certain arbaciids but differing from them in having perforate and crenulate tubercles. Emiratiidae have perforate tubercles but differ in having a monocyclic apical disc, whose inner edge is notched by periproctal plates. Emiratiidae also differ in having simple diadematid plate compounding.