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Psilosoma Pomel, 1883, p. 91

[=Asteropsis Cotteau, 1883, p. 21, non Muller & Troschel, 1840, type species Asteropsis lapparenti Cotteau, 1883; =Actinopsis lambert, 1897, p. 500, non Dana, 1856, type species Asteropsis lapparenti Cotteau, 1883; =Lambertechinus Cossman 1899, p. 45, type species Asteropsis lapparenti Cotteau, 1883 ]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test subhemispheric.
  • Apical disc large; plating unknown.
  • Ambulacral zones straight; plating polygeminate, four or five elements to a compound plate; pore-pairs offset forming a pore-pairs forming a biseries o the ambitus then in arcs of four or five.
  • Single small primary tubercle close to the pore zone on each compound plate.  Perradial zone wide with small secondaries and granules.
  • Intermbulacral plates wide with small primary tubercle forming a contiguous series.  Adradial and interradial zones of granules and very small secondaries.
  • All tubercles imperforate and weakly crenulate.
  • Peristome large with shallow buccla notches.
  • Spines and lantern unknown.
Distribution Upper Cretaceous, Europe
Type Pomel (1883) did not designate a type species but listed four "P. Arnaudi, pulchellum, rarituberculatum, Bonissenti (Cott. sub Cyphosoma), presumably referring to the descriptions in Palaeontologie francaise.  Neither Lambert & Thiery (1909-1925) nor Mortensen (1926-1951) selected a genotype. Here Cyphosoma arnaudi Cotteau, 1864, p. 651 is selected as type.
Classification and/or Status Phymosomatoida, Phymosomatidae

Subjective junior synonym of Diplotagma Schluter, 1870
Remarks Pomel, A. 1883. Classification methodique et genera des echinides vivants & fossiles. Alger, Jourdan.

Cotteau, G. 1864, in 1862-1867. Paleontologie francaise. Terrain Cretace, 7. Echinides. G. Masson, Paris.