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Galeroclypeus Cotteau 1873, p. 360

Diagnostic Features
  • Test almost circular; depressed, weakly conical in profile
  • Apical central, tetrabasal with 4 gonopores. Genital plate 2 separates posterior genital plates. Two small auxilliary plates incorporated between posterior oculars
  • Periproct in anal sulcus, separated from apical disc by ca. 8 interambulacral plates in each column. Anal sulcus continuing to ambitus; slightly key-hole shaped
  • Ambulacra subpetaloid aborally; pore-pairs dot-dash, with outer pore about twicer width of inner pore; extending ca. 75% distance to ambitus
  • Ambulacra on oral surface narrow; plating remains simple to peristome with pore-pairs uniserial. No buccal pores
  • Peristome small, circular and sunken with well developed well; slightly anterior of centre; interambulacra not swollen around peristome
  • tuberculation fine and uniform
Middle Jurassic (Bajocian), France
Name gender masculine
Galeroclypeus peroni Cotteau, 1873, p. 361, by original designation. Syntype: Museum National d\'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, R62075.
Species Included
  • Only the type species
Classification and/or Status

Stem group Microstomata; Desorellidae



Distinguished from Galeropygus by the widely separated periproct / apical disc and by the complete absence of pore crowding adorally.

Cotteau, G. 1873, in 1867-1874. Palaeontologie francaise. Terrain Jurassique. IX. Echinides irregulieres. G. Masson, Paris.