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Acrocircus Lambert, 1911, p. 171 (11)

Diagnostic Features
  • Test depressed in profile, with ambitus a little below mid-height; weakly domed above. Slightly sunken towards peristome.
  • Apical disc firmly bound to corona; monocyclic; periproct proportionallyt very large, with smooth rounded outline.
  • Ambulacra straight, about half as wide as interambulacra. Plating trigeminate, compound style unknown. Pore-pairs uniserial throughout.
  • Single adradial primary tubercle to each compound plate plus smaller secondary perradial tubercle at the ambitus.
  • Interambulacral plates with single central primary tubercle, with slightly incised areole; flanked by smaller adradial and interradial secondary tubercles.
  • Interradial zone rather sparsely tuberculate adapically.
  • Primary tubercles imperforate and crenulate.
  • Peristome about half test diameter; buccal notches small but distinct.
  • Spines and lantern unknown.
Upper Eocene; France.
Name gender masculine
Micropsis biarritzensis Cotteau, 1863, p. 65, by original designation.
Species Included
  • Only the type species.
Classification and/or Status

Euechinoidea, Camarodonta; unnamed family (triplacidiids)

Monophyletic. Subjective junior synonym of Triplacidia.


Lambert quickly revised his opinion on the utility of this genus and in the same year (Lambert & Thiery 1911, p. 215) treated Acrocircus as a synonym of  Triplacidia.

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