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Pedina L. Agassiz, 1838, p. 4

[=Megapedina Lambert & Thiery, 1910, type species Pedina charmassei Cotteau, 1885; =Propedina Lambert & Thiery, 1925, p. 566, (nomen vanum); = Hectopedina Thiery, in Collignon & Lambert, p. 268, type species Propedina hussoni Thiery, in Collignon & Lambert, 1928, p. 267.]

Diagnostic Features
  • Test flattened but with well rounded ambitus.
  • Apical disc small with large periproct; plating dicyclic.
  • Ambulacra relatively narrow and almost straight; plating trigeminate with primary tubercle on every other plate in type species. Ambulacral plating usually with all elements reaching the perradius.
  • Pore-pairs in strongly oblique arcs so as to form a relatively wide adradial band.
  • Interambulacral plates wider than tall, with a small primary tubercle at the centre of each. Primary tubercles separated in vertical series. Remainder of plate covered with sparse heterogeneous granules and small tubercles.
  • Primary interambulacral tubercles without distinct areole; perforate and non-crenulate.
  • Peristome small and buccal notches deep and sharp.
  • Perignathic girdle of small upright apophyses that do not meet perradially.
  • Spines and lantern unknown.
Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) to Late Jurassic (Kimmeridgian).
Name gender feminine
Pedina sublaevis L. Agassiz, 1838, by subsequent designation of Savin, 1905, p. 217.
Species Included
  • P. sublaevis Agassiz, 1838; Callovian, western Europe.
  • P. granulosa Agassiz, 1847; Bajocian to Bathonian of France.
  • P. davoustiana Cotteau, 1856; Callovian, western Europe.
  • numerous other species in need of revision.
Classification and/or Status

Pedinoida, Pedinidae.

Presumed monophyletic.


Distinguished by its broad zones of pore-pairs and rather small, insignificant primary tubercles. Leiopedina is similar but has a more marked differentiation between the adradial and interradial tuberculation of interambulacral plates. Leptocidaris has a much larger apical disc and stronger primary tubercles. Its pore zones are also uniserial. Vadet et al. (1996) give plating diagrams of ambulacra and apical disc for the type species.

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Agassiz, L. 1838. Monographies d'Échinodermes vivants et fossiles. Première monographie: Des Salénies. Petitpierre, Neuchâtel, 32 pp., 5 pls.