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Pandey, V.P.; Sundararaj, R.; Ahmed, S.I. 2006, Natural enemies of Babul whitefly, Acaudaleyrodes rachipora (Singh) (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from Jodhpur, India. Journal of Biological Control 20(1):85-88    
Keywords: Hosts
Pandir, D.; Ercan, S.F.; Bas, H. 2013, Toxicity of carbon dioxide to different developmental stages of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and Trichogramma embryophagum Hartig (Hymenoptera: Trichogramatidae) Turkish Journal of Entomology 37(1):57-64     view Pandir, D.; Ercan, S.F.; Bas, H.  (2013) in PDF format
Pandir, D.; Sahingoz, R.; Ercan, F.S. 2013, Mediterranean flour moth Ephestia kuehniella eggs and larvae exposed to a static magnetic field and preference by Trichogramma embryophagum. Biocontrol Science and Technology 23(12):1402-1411 [ DOI: 10.1080/09583157.2013.835789 ]    
Pandit, R.S.; Nikam, P.K. 1994, Studies on host age selection by Trichogramma pretiosum (Riley), an egg parasitoid of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubn.). Indian Journal of Parasitology 18(2):223-224    
Keywords: Host selection
Pandit, R.S.; Sharbidre, A.A.; Jaybhay, Y. 2009, Effect of temperature on the development and survival of Trichogramma brasiliensis (Ashmead), an egg parasitoid of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner). National Journal of Life Sciences 6(2):169-172    
Pandiyan, R.; Sithanantham, S.; Nelson, S.J. 2014, Oviposition and immature stages of Trichogramma chilonis. Indian Journal of Entomology 76(4):363-364    
Pandya, H.V. 1998, Hyperparasitism in Epiricania melanoleuca, and ectoparasite of sugarcane pyrilla in Gujarat state. Cooperative Sugar 30(2):109-110    
Keywords: Hyperparasitism; Parasitism
Pandya, H.V. 2005, Population status and management of sugarcane whitefly, Aleurolobus barodensis Mask. in Gujarat. Cooperative Sugar 36(6):479-482    
Keywords: Biological control; Integrated pest management
Pandya, H.V.; Patel, M.B. 2007, Effect of partitioned growth stage protection on incidence of sugarcane borers in Gujarat. Cooperative Sugar 38(9):41-44    
Pandya, H.V.; Shah, A.H.; Patel, C.B.; Purohit, M.S.; Rai, A.B. 1995, Study on egg parasitism of rice yellow stem borer in Gujurat. Gujarat Agricultural University Research Journal 21(1):197-199    
Keywords: Hosts; Parasitism
Records 241 - 250 of 2775
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