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Hayat, M. 1979, Notes on some Indian species of Azotus Howard and Coccophagoides Girault, with records of Mesidia Foerster and Prococcophagus Silvestri (Hym.: Aphelinidae). Journal of Natural History 13:185-193    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Hayat, M. 1979, Taxonomic notes on Indian Encyrtidae (Hym.: Chalcidoidea). I. Journal of Natural History 13(3):315-326    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Hayat, M. 1979, The tetramerous Aphelinidae (Hymenoptera) of Girault from Australia, with a key to the World genera. Systematic Entomology 4:119-132    
Keywords: Taxonomy
Hayat, M. 1979 (31 Aug 1979), Indian species of Anagyrus (Hym.: Encyrtidae) - I. Oriental Insects 13(1-2):167-188     view Hayat, M.  (1979a) in PDF format
Keywords: Hosts; Taxonomy
Subba Rao, B.R.; Hayat, M. 1979, A note on the genus Scelioencyrtus Girault and decription of a new genus, Hamusencyrtus (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) from India. Journal of Entomological Research 2(1):1-4    
Keywords: Taxonomy