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Leraut, 1980. Liste syst. syn. L├ępid. Fr., Belg. & Corse

Liste systematique et synonymique des lepidopteres de France, Belgique et Corse = Systematic and synonymic list of the lepidoptera of France, Belgium and Corsien / Paris. Societe Entomologique de France, 1980

NHM Shelf mark:

Included genera:
Tephus ; Leraut, 1980: 48.
Trichotripis ; Leraut, 1980: 81, 273.

Included type-species: none listed

Included type-species designations:
Alucitinaby subsequent designation by Leraut, 1980: 197, 209, 233.
Triedrisby subsequent designation by Leraut, 1980: 196, 208, 232.

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