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Argyria Hübner, 1818 . Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 1 : 28, 30.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Argyria nummulalis Hübner, 1818. Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 1: 30, pl.(32) figs 185, 186.

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Fernald , 1896. Crambidae N. Am. : 70.    [BHLBHL]

Type specimens:
? Type status ? COUNTRY: ? Locality, (? Depository)..

Fletcher & Nye (1984) stated:-

A. nummulalis was placed by Fernald, 1896, ibidem: 71, as a junior subjective synonym of [Tortrix argentana] Martyn, 1797, Psyche: pl.(32) figs 95, 96. In some copies of Martyn's work there is a handwritten legend, in others none at all and there is no text to accompany plate [32]; Tortrix * Argentana is therefore unavailable from Martyn, 1797.

If it had been available, combined with Tortrix, it would have been a junior primary homonym of Tortrix argentana [Denis & Schiffmüller], 1775, Ankündung syst. Werkes Schmett Wienergegend: 127; if combined with Phalaena, it would have been a junior primary homonym of Phalaena argentana Clerck, 1759, Icones Insect. rariorum 1: pl.11 fig.14.

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