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Pseudosphinx Burmeister, 1855 . Abh. naturforsch. Ges. Halle 3(4) (Sber.) : 65.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Sphinx tetrio Linnaeus, 1771. Mantissa Plant. : 538.

Type-species designation:
by monotypy .

Type specimens:
Type(s) AMERICA: ? Locality, (? Depository)..

Fletcher & Nye (1982) stated:-

Pseudosphinx was originally published as * Pseudophinx and was so listed by Neave, 1940, Nomencl. zool. 3: 997. In the generic diagnosis, Burmeister compared his new genus with Sphinx Linnaeus, 1758, and it is evident that he intended the name to be spelled as Pseudosphinx, the spelling that both he and subsequent authors have consistently adopted. Apart from Neave's correct record of the original spelling, * Pseudophinx has not been used since its original publication; in this catalogue, the name has be treated as an inadvertent error and an incorrect original spelling under Article 32(a)(ii) of the Code.

The wrapper of part 4 of the journal which included Burmeister's paper was dated 1855; the separately paged reprint was dated 1856.

Kitching & Cadiou (2000) list MACROSILA Lucas, 1857 as a junior synonym of PSEUDOSPHINX Burmeister, 1855.

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Junior name(s):
Macrosila Lucas, 1857: 698.
Pseudophinx ; Burmeister, 1855: 65.

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