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Polystichthis ; Agassiz, 1846 . Nomencl. zool. (Index univ.) : 304.

Unjustified Emendation

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Papilio cereus Linnaeus, 1767. Systema Naturae (Edn 12), : Errata.    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
(through Article 67.8 (replacement names)) .

Type specimens:
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Hemming (1967) stated:-

An Unjustified Emendation of Polystichtis Hübner, [1819].

Cowan (1970: 14) stated:-

AGASSIZ, 1842-1847 [!] Nomencl. Zool. (1)-(12). 4°

1848 Nomencl. zool., Index univ. 8°

These two publications have become misunderstood.

The main quarto work was published in twelve fascicles, the last being the Index Universalis portion which is usually mis-dated 1846. I have a set, ex-libris F. du Cane Godman, of all the Invertebrate sections, with the wrappers of all fascicles bound in at end.

The Lepidoptera section appeared, as shown on the wrapper, together with the title-page, the preface, and eight other sections, in the joint "Fasciculus 9 + 10" in 1846.

Fascicle 12, the complete Index Universalis of 393 pages, although dated "1846" on the title-page, bears "1847" on the wrapper. This date of publication is confirmed by Carus & Engelmann, 1861 Biblioth. zoos 1 : 238, who give 1847 for the year of completion, before going on to deal with the 1848 octavo work.

The octavo Index Universalis was a separate work "from the same type rearranged" from Fasc. 12 of the earlier one, as Scudder, 1882 (Nomencl. zool., page 5, last 3 lines) noted in his Preface. Scudder called it 12°, but although it has 1135 pages against the 393 pages in the quarto edition, it is true 8°.

Agassiz's two editions of the Index universalis (4°, 1847 and 8°, 1848) differ only in the footnotes. In the 4° edition there are three series of footnotes, explained in a long paragraph in the preface; a numbered series cross-referencing homonymous genera and botanical names; a lettered series giving etymology; and a Greek-lettered series for last-minute addenda.
In the 8° printing there is only one series of notes; the original numbered series, as the preface explains in only nine words. The lettered series has been omitted entirely, but the earlier addenda have all been lifted into their proper place in the body of the text.

It follows that all the actual entries in the 8° version had appeared in the 4° Index, and there should never be occasion to cite the 8° work, although it is very handy for reference.

Cowan (1970: 14) stated:-

"1846 to read [1847]", [genus date].

Cowan (1970: 38) stated:-

POLYSTICHTHIS Agassiz, 1847, Nomenel. zool. (12) (Index univ.) : 304. An Unjustified Emendation of Polystichtis Hübner, 1819. Agassiz cited Hübner's spelling, followed by his own

The higher classification used here follows Lamas (2008).

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Senior name:
Polystichtis Hübner, 1819: 18.

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