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Melinoessa Herrich-Schäffer, 1855 . Samml. aussereurop. Schmett. 1(1) : wrapper, pl.65, figs 370, 371. [[1856], ibidem 1: 31, 44.]    [BHLBHL]

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Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Melinoessa croesaria Herrich-Schäffer, 1855. Samml. aussereurop. Schmett. 1: wrapper, pl.65, fig.370.    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Janse , 1932. Moths S. Afr. 1: 144.

Type specimens:
Syntype(s) - male [BANGLADESH] (ERROR): Silhet (error), (? Depository).. Type-locality stated to be [BANGLADESH], Sylhet (Silhet), but this was evidently an error; no species of Melinoessa is known from the Oriental region. M. croesaria occurs in West Africa

Parsons et al. (1999) included HYPHENOPHORA Warren, 1894; OBRUSSA Saalmüller, 1891; RHAMIDAVA Walker, 1869; TIMANA Walker, 1869; and TRAINA Walker, 1904 as junior synonyms of MELINOESSA Herrich-Schäffer, 1855.

Parsons et al. (1999) included 24 species and 7 subspecies (inc. nominates) in the genus MELINOESSA.

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