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Melampias Hübner, 1819 . Verz. bekannt. Schmett. : 63.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Papilio hyperbius Linnaeus, 1764. Mus. Lud. Ulr. Reg. : 257.

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Scudder , 1875. Proc. amer. acad. Arts Sci., Boston 10(2): 214.    [BHLBHL]

Type specimens:
? Type status ? COUNTRY: ? Locality, (? Depository)..

Hemming (1967) stated:-

The name Papilio hyperbius given by Linnaeus in 1764 to the type-species of this genus is invalid, as it is a junior homonym of the name Papilio hyperbius Linnaeus, 1763 (Amoen. acad. 6 : 408), a name bestowed upon a species belonging to a quite different family (the family Nymphalidae). Hübner, when establishing the genus Melampias, cited the name of the type-species as hyperbia ; this however was not a replacement name for hyperbius, being, as the references cited by Hübner show, no more than a change in termination to make this specific name agree in gender with the name Melampias, which is feminine in gender. This species remained without a nomenclatorially available name until in 1955 (Butts S. Africa (Mem. Transvaal Mus. No. 8) 2 : 99) van Son provided for it the replacement name Melampias huebneri.

Melampias is a monobasic Ypthimid genus, the sole species of which is confined to the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Formerly, however, this generic name was incorrectly used by some authors as though its type-species was one or other of the Palaearctic species of the Erebia-group.

The higher classification used here follows Lamas (2008).

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