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Megalopalpus Röber, 1886 . Corresp.-Bl. ent. Ver. Iris. Dresden 1(3) : 51.    [BHLBHL]

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Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Megalopalpus simplex Röber, 1886. Corresp.-Bl. ent. Ver. Iris. Dresden : 51, pl.4, fig.4.    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by original designation .

Type specimens:
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Hemming (1967) stated:-

The name Megalopalpus Röber was involved in the Pentila/Liptena problem up the time of the settlement of this by the Ruling given by the Commission in its Opinion 566 in 1959 (Opin. int. Comm. zool. Nom. 20 : 377-390). This arose from the fact that the taxon represented by the nominal species Megalopalpus simplex Röber, the type-species of the present genus, is currently considered subjectively to be congeneric with Pentila symna Westwood, [1851], the type-species by monotypy of the genus Pentila Westwood, of which therefore - on the foregoing basis - Megalopalpus Röber was a junior subjective synonym.
The names Pentila and Megalopalpus were never used in this sense and the action taken by the Commission in its Opinion 566 gave effect to the long established usage of these names. Thus, as the result of that Opinion the name Megalopalpus Röber became the oldest available name for the genus concerned. As part of the settlement effected by the above Opinion the name Megalopalpus Röber was placed on the Official List of Generic Names in Zoology as Name No. 1368.

Cowan (1968: 13) stated:-

MEGALOPALPUS, line 7; "symma" should read; zymna.

MEGALOPALPUS was included within the subfamily LYCAENIDAE: MILETINAE by Ackery et al., in Kristensen (1999).

The higher classification used here follows Lamas (2008).

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