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Anetia Hübner, 1823 . Samml. exot. Schmett. 2 : pl.[22].    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Anetia numidia Hübner, 1823. Samml. exot. Schmett. 2: pl.[22].    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by monotypy .

Type specimens:
See BHL scanned Type-species page: .

Hemming (1967) stated:-

As explained above, this is one of the Mutiple Original Spellings and under Article 32(b) is the Incorrect Original Spelling, the Correct Original Spelling being Anelia.

Cowan (1970: 41) stated:-

"ANETIA Hübner, [1823], Samml. exot. Schmett. 2 (Lief. 114) : pl. [22]. Type-species by monotypy : Anetia numidia Hübner, [1823], ibid. 2 (Lief. 114) : pl. [22].

In Plate [23] of Lieferung 119, which almost certainly appeared later than Lieferung 114 in 1823, this name was spelt "Anelia". Even if the plates appeared simultaneously, requiring selection by a First Reviser of the Correct Original Spelling, it was Geyer, [summer, 1832] who selected Anetia in the Index Systematicus to the volume. It is of interest to note that Scudder, 1875 recognised only Anelia, but in 1882 (Nomencl. zool., Ind. univ. : 19) he gave only Anetia. It must also be noted that d'Almeida, 1939 (Mem. Inst. Oswaldo Cruz 34 (1) : 60, 62) differentiates between A. numidia Hübner of plate [22] and that of plate [23], synonymising the latter with Papilio pantherata Martyn, 1797.

See also: Brown & Heineman, 1958, Jl. N. Y. ent. Soc. 66 : 99."

The higher classification used here follows Lamas (2008).

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Junior name(s):
Anelia Hübner, 1823: pl.[23].
Anicia ; Doubleday, 1848: 155, 156.

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