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Amblyptilia Hübner, 1825 . Verz. bekannt. Schmett. : 430.    [BHLBHL]

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Alucita acanthadactyla Hübner, 1813. Samml. eur. Schmett. 9: pl.5, figs 23, 24.    [BHLBHL]

Type-species designation:
by subsequent designation by Tutt , 1905. Entomologists Rec. J. Var. 17: 35. [(as *Amplyptilia, an incorrect original spelling)]    [BHLBHL]

Type specimens:
See BHL scanned Type-species page: .

Fletcher & Nye (1984) stated:-

Amblyptilia was used by Hübner as the generic heading in the plural form Amblyptiliae and Amblyptilia was the spelling adopted by Hübner, 1826, ibidem (Anz.): 72; Amplyptilia was used in association with one of the included species. From a multiple original spelling, Amblyptilia has been adopted generally as the correct original spelling.

Tutt stated incorrectly that Wallengren (1862, K. svenska VetenskAkad. Handl. (NF) (7): 13) had fixed acanthodactyla as the type-species of Amblyptilia and he accepted it as a valid designation; Wallengren had, however, at that reference merely restricted the use of the genus to one species. Under the Code, Article 69(a)(iii), which states that 'an author is considered to have designated one of the originally included nominal species as type-species, if he states that it is the type (or type-species) for whatever reason, right or wrong, and if it is clear that he himself accepts it as the type-species'; Tutt's statement therefore constitutes a valid type-species designation.

A. acanthadactyla was included in Amblyptilia by HÜbner as acanthothactyla and cited by Tutt as acanthodactyla, each an incorrect subsequent spelling.

See also: Amplyptilia HÜbner, (1825); Amblyptilus Wallengren, 1862.

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Junior name(s):
Amblyptilus ; Wallengren, 1862: 10 (key), 13.
Amplyptilia ; Hübner, 1825: 430.

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