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Esteparia Fernández, 1931 . Eos 7 : 211.

Available Name

Homonyms: 1

Higher classification:

Esteparia agenjoi Fernández, 1931. Eos 7: 211, pl.2, fig.1.

Type-species designation:
by original designation . [(but cited as *`E. ambrossiana nov. sp.', a nomen nudum and error ehich was corrected by an errata-slip in vol. 7 part 3)]

Type specimens:
Type(s) - male SPAIN: Burgos, Estépar, (? Depository)..

Esteparia Fernandez, 1931, was designated a senior synonym of Moureia Orfila y Rossi, 1956, by Agenjo-Cecilia, 1984, Eos-Revista Espanola de Entomologia 59 : 8.

Poole (1989) included MEROLEUCA Hampson, 1908; JUGURTHIA Culot, 1912; OEDIBRYA Hampson, 1918; AMELIA Wagner, 1931 (preoccupied); ESTEPARIA Fernandez, 1931; AMELINA Draudt, 1934; and MOUREIA Orfila & Rossi, 1956 as junior synonyms of VICTRIX Staudinger, 1878.

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