Butterflies and Moths of the World

Help: Searching the bibliography



You may search the bibliography by the name of the author(s) responsible for the genus-group name. The more specific your search, the quicker it will be executed.

The search also allows you to choose the order in which you would like the results sorted.

The 'Search bibliography' page includes an 'Search for author' dialogue box for you to type-in the text for which you wish to search, with its own drop-down list of search criteria. You may type a partial or complete text string into the dialogue box, but must include at least one character before submitting your search. It does not matter whether you use upper or lower case.

Search Criteria

When entering text in the 'Search for author' dialogue box, you have the option to search for text 'starts with', 'equals', 'contains' or 'ends with' from a drop-down list by clicking the down arrow adjacent to the dialogue box.

Author search

To search for all of the genus-group names described or attributed to a particular author, type the author's name in the 'Search for author' dialogue box. The default search option 'starts with' would return all names described or attributed to the author you have entered plus any described or attributed to that author as senior author in a joint publication.

To restrict your search to only those names described or attributed to an author excluding those in joint publications, select the search criterion 'equals' by clicking the down arrow adjacent to the 'Author' dialogue box before submitting your search.

To search for all names described or attributed to an author including those in joint publications where that author was not necessarily the senior author, then you should select the search criterion 'contains' by clicking the down arrow adjacent to the 'Author' dialogue box.

If you are unsure of the exact spelling of an author's name, type in as many characters as you know and then click on the down arrow adjacent to the 'Author' dialogue box and select either 'starts with' (the default), 'contains' or 'end with' as appropriate before submitting your search. Alternatively, you can use the 'Browse : Authors' option.


The results of your search are displayed initially as a list of authors' names, years and publications.

Please note, if two or more articles were published by the same author (or authors) in the same year and in the same publication, at present, no distinction has been made between the references.

You may scroll through this list using the vertical scroll bar on the right-hand side of the page. Clicking on one of the references in the list initiates a further search and returns specific information about the chosen reference.

The final results include all the information about the reference included in this catalogue. The results are split into a number of boxes (labelled in green), which always include the author, year of publication, and abbreviated reference in a 'Reference' box.

The full title of the publication is displayed in a 'Publication' box. If the publication is represented in The Natural History Museum Library its location is displayed in an 'NHM Shelf mark' box.

A list of the Lepidoptera genus-group names attributed to the chosen author and included in the reference are displayed in an 'Included genera' box. The genus-group names include a hyperlink. Clicking on one of the names initiates a further search.

Corrections and additions

If you notice any errors or omissions, the senior author would be extremely grateful if you would notify him. Click on the 'Submit correction/addition' hyperlink below the search results boxes to launch your default mail program and create an email addressed ready for you to type in your correction or addition. Once you have sent the email, minimise or close your mail program to return to the catalogue.

Last updated 28-Jul-2004 Dr B R Pitkin