Butterflies and Moths of the World

Recent changes

Links to Biodiversity Heritage Library - June 2013

Links to scanned pages in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) have been added for more than 60% of the cited references.

Higher Classification - April 2013

The higher classification has been updated to follow, as far as possible, van Nieukerken et al., 2011. In: Zhang, Z.-Q. (Ed.). Animal biodiversity: An outline of higher-level classification and survey of taxonomic richness'. Order Lepidoptera Linnaeus, 1758.

Tortricid Moths - January 2013

Additional names and the classification (including tribes for some subfamilies) and synonymy of the the family Tortricidae have been updated following Gilligan, T. M., J. Baixeras, J. W. Brown & K. R. Tuck. 2012. T@RTS: Online World Catalogue of the Tortricidae (Ver. 2.0).

Images of live Spanish butterflies, kindly made available by Alan Key-Williams, have been added.

Butterflies - October 2012

Additional names and the higher classification (including tribes and subtribes for some subfamilies) and synonymy of the butterflies and skippers have been updated following Lamas (2008) Excel Spreadsheet.

Downloads - December, 2004

The introductory text to each of the six volumes of Generic Names of Moths of the World, the introductory text to Hemming's Generic Names of Butterflies and Cowan's 1968 Annotationes Rhopalogiques were made available as Adobe Acrobat pdf files from Aim & Scope. As well as providing access to these for users without hard copies, volumes 4-6 of Generic Names of Moths of the World include family-group name not currently included in this catalogue.

Faster searches - February, 2004

Up until now searches within the catalogue ran under a Perl-based data management system called DSML (Dynamic Systems Markup Language). I have now updated the DSML, with help from Mike Sadka, to run under Java-DSML - the Museum's own XML markup interpreter programmed by Dilshat Hewzulla. As a result searches are now executed more quickly. Moreover, the limit imposed on the maximum number of returned records has been removed, although records are now returned in batches to a maximum of 50 records per page.

Genus-Group names from LepIndex added - February, 2004

Working with George Beccaloni on the recent updates to LepIndex a number of genus-group names which were not included in this catalogue were discovered. These and a few others which have been brought to our attention have now been added increasing the total number of genus-group names from 31,058 to 31,147.

We have also added the facility to search for a type-species. Please note that if a genus-group name has objective synonyms then the type-species of the genus-group name and all its objective synonyms will appear in the returned list of matches.

Some Tineidae and Palaeosetidae Genus-Group names moved - October, 2003

Cycloponympha Meyrick, 1913; Dolerothera Meyrick, 1918; Mitrogona Meyrick, 1920; Orthochtha Meyrick, 1928; Orthochthella Fletcher, 1940; Syncrobyla Meyrick, 1915; and Ulocorys Meyrick, 1915 have been moved to Lyonetidae from Tineidae where they had been misplaced.

Genustes Issiki & Stringer, 1932 and Sesommata Davis, 1986 have been moved to Palaephatidae and Palaeosetidae respectively.

We thank our colleague Gaden Robinson for correcting these errors.

Tribes and Subtribes of Butterflies and Hawkmoths - August, 2003

Tribes and subtribes (where relevant and known) have now been assigned to the genus-group names of all butterflies and hawkmoths. Further details.

Genus-Group names moved to Nymphalidae - July, 2003

A number of genus-group names have been moved to the Nymphalidae following Lamas et al. (in press) in collaboration with Dick Vane-Wright, Niklas Wahlberg and Gerardo Lamas as part of the Global Butterfly Information System (GloBIS) project. Further details.

Last updated 24-Feb-2005 Dr B R Pitkin