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May 1, 2013 9:28 AM

tiny wasp (2.5mm) for possible identification

I found this tiny insect sitting in a dip in a stone wall.

One top photo included, but not very useful! I then managed to capture it to find out what it was, but since it was a very specialist area, and I was unlikely to get an ID before it died of waiting, I decided to let it go.

But I have some useful images, though no single image shows all the information.

I have been informed by a BWARS member that it is a member of the Eulophidae family of Hymenoptera.


Visible details:

Legs basically all orange, though hind tibia is mostly dark, and hind femur is dark on the dorsal side and yellow on the ventral side.

Antennae dark, as is abdomen. Thorax dorsal side has a strange boxey-shape that is mostly yellow with a dark circle in the middle.

Eyes are lined around the edge in yellow, which as a band broadens down either side of the face, and the mandible area appears to be orange. There appears to be a break in the yellow around the eye at around 5 o'clock & 11 o'clock.


Is it possible to be more definite about species, please?


3 images loaded (but I have many more.)

One shows topside view on wall face

Second shows a good side view with detail

Third shows a profile view for basic shape from the side




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