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Apr 12, 2013 8:35 PM

Can someone please identify this critter/protozoa?

I have looked everywhere on the internet and cannot find anything that looks close to this.  I have a video of it swimming very slowly as well but it's too big to download.  Thanks!




  • Where exactly did you find it, and about how big is it?  It looks to me like some kind of parasite, maybe a larval stage of a fluke?  Can you describe the way it was swimming - for example wriggling like a tadpole, or more jerky like a gnat larva maybe?

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      • Sorry, can't help with exact ID but hopefully there are some experts here who can.  It looks like a cercaria larva of a fluke to me, but I've never seen a live one moving, so can't be sure about that.  If it was from a particular animal you can look up parasites of that animal (or bird or fish or reptile?)  In any case, hope you handled it with gloves!


        You said "It ate using its front "teeth".  How exactly?  Were the "teeth" on the bulb part?  Are you sure it was eating?  It may just have been holding on.  Parasites often have suckers and/or spines to hold on with or to anchor part of the body when moving.


        Perhaps you should repost your question in the ID forum, you would be more likely to get an answer there.


        The nearest I can find are here:  They have "stripes" like the one you found.


        If they are liver flukes (eg from sheep droppings) you may need to get a medical check up in case - they can infect humans too.

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