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Feb 17, 2013 11:44 PM

Identify palm-like tree with large round spiky fruit? (pics)

I found this palm-like tree in South Florida in the middle of February (it was just outside the Norton musuem of art, so it could have been brought in by them, aka not native). It was at least 10 feet tall (I am 5'4 and could stand underneath it) and had large round fruit hanging down like ornaments. The fruit is very heavy, and has spiky green knobs all around it sort of like jackfruit or durian but in an almost perfect circle (My friend insisted on calling it a mace -- as in the weapon--perhaps because I hit him with it). The roots of the tree looked more like a mangrove than a palm. I have spent hours trying to identify it online and have not had any luck. It is not a sweeygum or chestnut tree, which was what kept popping up in id forums.



Image0 (17).jpg

I also want to know how to grow one! I "borrowed" one of the large fruit/seed pods which is pictured below and would like to know how to properly plant/grow one if it can be done from seed. I have not opened the fruit to see inside because I would like to plant it.Image0 (18).jpgImage0 (14).jpg


Thank you so much! I tried to include as much info as possible to help identify (and document for anybody else who tried to find this amazing tree).


Message was edited by: alicia_stamm: Update: I think it is a Pandanus utilis? Can anyone confirm this? Anybody know how to grow/plant one? Can I grow it from seed? Is it edible?

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