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Oct 1, 2012 3:50 PM

Anyone Know this 4cm+ hornet looking flying + burrowing insect found in southern Spain?

Hi, My mother has lived in Andalucía in sothern Spain on and of for 40 years, and she has seen this insect intermittently, I've only seen it about 10 times, on 3 spring/summers, the size of the ones seen are between 3 and 7cm approximately [its well over twice the size of the black bees we get in the south]. There arent many true locals anymore, no one in the local gardening center, chemist etc knew what it was, though an old friend of moms said hed seen it before, but didnt know what it was.

Unfortunately theses are the only photographs we have of it on a [large leafed] stephanotis plant. It fly's and it burrows, I think it may have had a burrow underneath a set of umbrella pines we had in the garden.

Twice to try and get photos, mom put a bucket on it so she could go and get the camera, once it knocked over the bucket, the other time she put a brick on the bucket and it burrowed out, making a 2ish cm hole, the ground was a hard sun backed sandy earth.

We have had quite a few visitors from Africa, and we wonder what this one is, and how far from home is it ?

Thanks, A


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