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Sep 7, 2012 10:12 AM

please help i'd a very small hairy bug found in bathroom.

I saw 2 of these in my bathroom around my Window then another on the window sil I suspect came in afew nights ago when I opened the window for the 1st time since moving in afew months ago the first got squished the other 2 stuck to selotape for I'd I'm really scared I've let something in and now its reproducing my Mrs is bleaching the bathroom now but we would really like to know what it is or what it will be thank you for reading the picture may not show unless using a mobile phone as its flickr.


A quick description is around 2-3mm by 1.5mm at most very hairy lightish brown on top and lighter Brown / yellowish underside none of them moved and I proded one I'm not positive but one in the tapelooks to have wings but it could look that way cos of the tape.

  • It looks like the larva of a carpet beetle.


    Carpet beetle

    The carpet beetle larvae start to feed as soon as they hatch. They are carrot shaped and heavily covered with setae especially in their posterior end. The number of instars differ from 5–11 and in some cases reach up to 20. The black carpet beetle, Attagenus megatoma, larvae may grow up to 1/2 inch (12 mm) and be yellow to brown in color. Other types of carpet beetles are regularly 1/4 to 1 inch (6 to 25 mm) in length and covered with dark setae. Certain species have distinctive tufts of setae extending from their posterior end. These beetles are attracted to soiled fabrics and crevices where dead insects may serve as a food The larvae of the carpet beetle are often referred to as "woolly bears" or "buffalo moths".

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  • Hi

    First of all check there are no dead birds up the chimney, or organic stuff stored anywhere that could be a source of food for the larvae.


    Then calm down, they will do no harm to you or your baby. See "Big Ma's" comments on an earlier post.....





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