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Apr 30, 2012 11:07 PM

Please is anyone able to identify this tiny insect?



I've noticed this tiny insect inside the house, having found them on the wooden window sill and on a wooden desk.  I've also noticed them outside on a wooden fence.


They are tiny little creatures maybe only a millimetre or less in length, they seem to be able to jump short distances too.


I would be so grateful for any help in identifying and tips on eliminating!


Thanks in advance!

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    May 1, 2012 5:25 AM (in response to bugged)
    Re: Please is anyone able to identify this tiny insect?
    This tiny fella is a springtail (Collembola) and, although the image could be better, when it comes to species I think it is Orchesella flavescens. They are very abundant in nature and all soil (including in the pots of houseplants), leaf litter etc. is literally full of them. Most species live on decaying plant matter and fungus mycelium, although a few can occur as pests on crops. They play an important role in recycling and should be seen as friends (which most organisms should - not only those that are cute or tasty). Thus there is no need for elimination of springtails, and you will of course not get any advice to do such a stupid thing. They are however sensible to drought, so if you forget to water your houseplants they might search for somewhere else to live (and thus be found elsewhere in your home while doing so).
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