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Jan 29, 2012 10:07 PM

Jumping Spiders for ID from Zambia... Quite a Few.

I have a problem.


The problem is that regardless of the wealth of information available on the internet, that available on Afrotropical invertebrates is rather more of a poverty. This isn't quite so troublesome for more universally popular animals such as butterflies, but where it comes to just about anything else, I seem incapable of getting beyond family without assistance.


Spiders are proving particularly troubling - and, jumping spiders being particularly diverse, they are especially so. And so I turn here...



Uncertain as to whether any progress is likely, I'd sooner not fill up the forum with threads on unidentifiable spiders, so until I learn the chances of a firmer identification, I'm going to upload in threads per family (if I can)


First: This bears a resemblance to imaged of Thyena inflata, but I don't know whether this is a particularly distinctive species, so a resemblance may be meaningless. Chongwe District, Lusaka Province. August 2011


Second: No idea, but it looks like I miniature Toy Pom. Chongwe again, August 2011.


Third: Possibly Menemerus? Chongwe in August, yet again (a pattern develops). I did (rarely) take images of alternate angles.


Fourth: No idea again. Still Chongwe. September 2011.


Fifth: Still no idea, but this time Lusaka city, in October 2011. I also have an image showing the face of this one, if it helps.

    • Hello  Will.

      I think your shots are great and I am a huge fan of Jumping Spiders. I think that although it may be extremely frustrating you will have to catch the clever little blighters in a clear container that will enable you to photograph them (perhaps over a 1mm scale like graph paper) all in similar well lit conditions. This way you can get shots of the cephalothorax, abdomen and underside too.

      Best wishes and good luck. Lewis

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