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Oct 2, 2011 10:11 AM

Can anyone ID this Mushroom please?

I found this mushroom at the end of September, growing at the base of a wooden fence overlooking the sea on the Wirral, UK. It had a strong mushroom smell akin to that of a shop bought mushroom. When the flesh was bruised there was no yellow staining and no aniseed smell.

Can anyone ID it for me please?





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      Oct 14, 2011 8:24 PM (in response to habdab)
      Re: Can anyone ID this Mushroom please?

      It is an Agaricus (I'm 100% certain - I eat those things!). Possibly A.bisporus - i.e. the same species of mushroom you buy at the grocer's store (as you suspected yourself). It is not A. xanthoderma, which by the way doesn't have a pleasant smell and it smells horrible if you cook it - trust me: been there (way back in my innocent youth), done it, got the T-shirt but of course I didn't eat it (I'm only foolish, not stupid).


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          Oct 14, 2011 9:25 PM (in response to habdab)
          Re: Can anyone ID this Mushroom please?
          I have tried the most (I believe that going out mushrooming is far more common here in Scandinavia than in Britain) mushrooms that I've found and that has been considered edible. In Sweden the amateurs just pick Cantharellus cibarius - which I think tastes like burnt rubber - I never pick it! I go for Boletus edulis (the champ among fungi - easily told by its fine white reticulation on the stipe just under the cap), Russula spp. (all that are not bitter are edible and tasty - fry them!), Coprinus comatus (stew it with onion and cream - don't forget the pepper - and put it on a toast!), Lactarius deliciosus (the name says it all), Agaricus campestris (definitely the best of the champignons and grows en masse in any meadow with horses)... Well, I see that I'm about to fill the page - anyhow, nowadays I do not pick just anything!
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