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Jul 5, 2011 3:55 PM

The BRIGHTEST and weirdest fly ever - please help!

Hi everyone.


Today I saw the weirdest and brightest fly ever and I am so desperate to know if anyone has seen one and if they know what it is.


It was just over 1cm long with a really bright turquoise thorax. But its abdomen was an irridescant cerise/pink! It was so colourful that I watched it for ages until it flew away. The way it moved its very long pink abdomen reminded me of a wasp with its stinger, but it was such a thin little thing that I don't think it was any type of weird wasp etc (if i had thought it was, i would not have been so close to it for so long!)


It was probably only 2-3 mm wide, so I am wondering if it really was a true fly or not? It certainly flew well enough!


It made no sound that was audible from 1-2 metres, so I don't think it can be anything other than maybe a rare mosquito-type fly?


It has certainly got me massively puzzled, and I would love to know if anyone has any ideas as to what it might be.


Thanks in advance,



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