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Apr 26, 2011 9:31 PM

Identification of iridescent blue-green soft-bodied land invertebrate please

Seen 2 days ago on the Pembrokeshire National Park Coastal Path in daytime - about the size of a woodlouse but a stunning irirdescent blue-green, with a small rectangular flattened 'head' and 'thorax' below a large domed teardrop-shaped body with regularly spaced wrinkles (which initially looked like overlapping plates but closer inspection suggested that the body was soft rather than armoured), suggesting it could expand. It appeared to have adult-insect-type legs but I didn't touch it or turn it over. It 'rolled up' by pulling in its head and thorax and contracting its body when disturbed by vibration/shadow. I can't find anything similar in Collings Insects Field Guide - the nearest illustrated insect is the ant-lion larva, which looks similar in shape. I'd love to know what this beautiful animal was! Unfortunately I didn't take a photo.

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