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Sep 1, 2010 7:00 PM

i found this at the carboot but have no idea what it belong to?

i realize its a vertebrate of something fairly big, also its been in someone's garden and its deteriorating,  its very light and crumbling away , is there anything i can do to preserve it from further damage? its now dry and inside to start.


the  round bit "the disk" is bumpy on reverse just like the surface of the vertebrate body with the same pattern.



  • Hi,


    What an amazing find at a car boot sale!

    This is a whale vertebra but we can't say which species just from the image and of course as you point out it isn't in the best condition.

    Can you say where you purchased it, and do you have any other information about it?


    Marine mammal bone has a different structure to land mammal bone, differing in density which is relative to bouancy and balast for the marine mammal.


    In terms of preserving your specimen for the future, it needs to be kept at an ambient temperature and preferably stored in a container, perhaps a glass fronted box, if you wished to display it. Dust is acidic and can contribute to the deterioratin of osteological material.


    It is also possible to 'consolidate' the bone if it is crumbling, though this is quite a technical procedure involving the application of a paraloid glue.

    If it isn't handled too often and kept in an ambient state it shouldn't deteriorate much further.

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