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Aug 1, 2010 6:12 PM

what is this?

This was found on the bush in my back garden. It's green and has six legs two of which are grasshopper like with a bulbous body and a horn shaped protrusion from its rear end. It also has long feelers off its head and It has also excreted a small black and pellet like dropping on my dining room table!  Can anyone please identify this bug?

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    Aug 2, 2010 9:13 AM (in response to Dabababs)
    Re: what is this?
    That's a Bush Cricket, (female - the curved thing at the end is the ovipositor.)  There are about a dozen species in the UK and I think this one is Conocephalus dorsalis, the short-winged conehead.  Can someone confirm please?
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      Aug 2, 2010 9:23 AM (in response to Clive Washington)
      Re: what is this?
      Speckled Bush cricket, Leptophyes punctatissima,which is a flightless species. They are omnivorous, nibbling on leaves and any small inverts that they come across. They are abundant at the moment - I came across 'herds' of them last week when removing our overgrown Virginia creeper from the side of the house - will have to replace it with something less rampant; any suggestions?  
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