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Jul 3, 2010 12:16 AM

Tiny flying beetles invade my flat!

Wjat is it?


I think this is beetle, though they are so small they look like gnats from a distance:  just 3.5mm long, and 2 mm wide... About the size of a capital letter "O".  They seem beetle-like with their hardbody enclosing their wings.  Could it be a tick or flea?  My wife got insect bites overnight, and I wonder if this could be responsible.


Typically just clinging or crawling high on an indoor wall, their wings rarely emerge unless they are disturbed and they start to think about taking flight.


I captured one of these critters, and created this composite of photos of the little guy crawling around a £1 coin.  The wings are visible in two views, and there is a video further down.


Tiny flying beetle.JPG


He isn't a very good flyer.  It's more like wing-assisted-hopping than real flight.  Here is a video of the beetle trying to fly out of an open crème brûlée dish, and not quite making it.



Is there anything to fear from these?  Are they beetles?  Would they bite a human?  I have a 2-year-old boy. 


I've never seen one before, and I've seen about 10 in the last month.




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    Jul 3, 2010 12:40 AM (in response to GeoffLondon)
    Re: Tiny flying beetles invade my flat!

    Hello there. These are, I think Carpet Beetles Anthrenus verbasci, don't worry on the health front as they dont bite or spread diseases. Although if you have a lot they may be causing damage to a carpet or any material made from natural fibres. There are some good web links on them so it's probably worth checking those out.

                              Best wishes Lewis.

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